CATS: True Tails And Life Lessons From A Furry Companion by Pamela Wallin

About the Book:

Cats: Tails and Life Lessons from A Purring Companion is an affectionate and insightful exploration of the deep connections between cats and their human companions. Through a series of personal stories, interviews with cat owners, facts, anecdotes, and adorable photos, Wallin delves into the unique bond that exists between cats and people and explores how these feline friends bring comfort, joy, and even healing to our lives.

With a blend of humor, compassion, and a deep understanding of cat behavior, Wallin shares her own experiences as a devoted cat owner and offers practical advice for creating a happy home for both cats and humans.


Discover the happiness and comfort cats bring to our lives in this heartwarming gift book that celebrates the unique bond between cats and their owners. Beyond the personal touches of the author and her own cat, readers will learn about fun cat facts, famous cats and their owners, and the place of cats in history, lore, literature, and art. Sales Handle:

For cat owners, lovers, and enthusiasts, Cats: Tails and Life Lessons from A Purring Companion is a humorous, yet informative exploration of cats, their lives, their history, and their relationships with people. A PURR-FECT gift for yourself or the cat lover in your life. A PURR-FECT gift for Valentine’s Day!

About the Author:

Pamela Wallin is a Canadian journalist, broadcaster, and author. Born on April 10, 1953, in Wadena, Saskatchewan, she began her career in journalism as a reporter for CBC Radio in 1974. Wallin went on to work for a number of media outlets, including the Toronto Star, Global Television, and CTV News, before becoming a co-host of CTV’s daily talk show “Canada AM” in 1985.

In addition to her work in broadcasting, Wallin has been active in public service. She served as Consul General of Canada in New York from 2002 to 2006 and was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 2008 by then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She is currently a Canadian senator and has been since 2009.

Pamela has written three other books titled “Speaking of Success,” “The First Man in My Life,” and “Since You Asked.” She received numerous awards and honors for her journalism and public service contributions, including the Order of Canada in 2007.

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