National Geographic A Diver’s Guide to the World

Travel around the globe with Chris Taylor and Carrie Miller in this unique guidebook that will take you from Easter Island to the Outer Banks. This stunning guide blends advice for beginners, personal experience, and a vast variety of diving locations for experienced divers paired with gorgeous photography.

The book captures the adventure these places have to offer by including basic facts, activity suggestions, and advice stemming from their personal experience. The photography featured is absolutely stunning, capturing snippets of the beauty seen around the world. Something that sets this guide apart from other guidebooks is the inclusion of a Make a Difference box with each location that tells you ways to get involved, such as with the Green Fins in Malapascua Island and the Fox Shark Research Foundation in Australia. Though each section is short, you get a vivid feel for each location which will come in handy when planning you’re next trip. This is the ideal resource for beginners with the Need to Know pages, rundown on what to pack, and other resources for new divers. A Diver’s Guide to the World is perfect for those newer to diving and travel while also serving as a brilliant guide for professional divers looking for ideas.

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