The Biggest Ideas in the Universe

This book has accomplished one major thing for this reader: it has proved how mathematically illiterate I am. Despite my best efforts to follow the author’s equations when he tells me how simple they are, I am flummoxed by the calibrations necessary to understand these universal big ideas. The book’s blurb touts how simple the reading is going to be and how the reader will gain a command of physics. The blurb also call the book “mind boggling.” I can attest to that.

Certainly, this book is designed for someone conversant with math. It is Greek to me. Rather than being “a smooth guide to Einstein’s equation,” the book left me puzzling in the middle of pages devoted to graphs and equations. If one already has a good grasp of math and a knowledge of physics, I am sure that this book is a valuable guide. For this reader, it remained unfathomable.

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